Green Decor: Say No More

Yet another reason in a long list of ‘why it’s best to work with a designer’ is the use of saturated colors in interior decor.  Today we are taking an in depth look at my color crush, green, and how working with a professional will allow you to be brave enough to commit to such a bold and powerful color.


Green has been such a tried and true color pallet for a reason. The main positive psychological properties green communicates are peace, balance and harmony. It can rejuvenate and restore, giving the feeling of being connected to nature and feeling safe and secure. Symbolically, emerald green communicates luxury and elegance.


Selecting a rich tone of green elevates any interior, especially when used sparingly.


Allowing a shade of green to be used as an understated accent, will highlight your creativity and inspire your friends to refinish their own furniture pieces.



From traditional to modern, this color pallet transcends.



A professional designer will help you identify what other colors will compliment your new green tones most successfully. You can go for the classic combinations of complementary colors such as red, which you can take into the pink tones, or you can go for a split complementary such as purple or orange. Go with any combination you like, the key is to use colous that are in the same tonal color group (i.e. yellow or blue based) otherwise you are likely to experience a jarring effect making it difficult to live with over time. If you do decide to team with some red, just remember it will make the green look greener and the red redder. So if you are using purple it will bring out the red more prominently.





Traditionally in the design world you are taught not to put blue and green together. But I think you can, depending on tone of green and blue that we select. My advice would be to select the same saturation in the same tonal color group as the green you are using and you can experiment with the most unexpected and effective color combinations.


Adding variety in textures is also highly suggested and so easy to accomplish in the green color vein.



Green works anywhere, just by bringing plants into the home you bring in positive life energy and reconnect with nature which is so important.6Contemporary architecture does not have to mean white or black tones. Adding a pop of green creates color with a purpose.



Moody interiors are enhanced with proper lighting and the right saturation, proportion, and placement of color.


Any room in which you would like to create an atmosphere of luxury, refinement or elegance is the perfect blank canvas to enhance with Green. You may like to create a statement in the entry foyer, or in a formal dining area.








As a professional I will caution my clients to be aware if you are using greens with blue undertones in a room that receives little natural light it may make the room feel even colder. In stead stick with yellow undertones to receive the truest tones of the shade.



A trend that I am sure you have seen is enhancing an interior door with a pop of color. This is a great way to add interest to your room without having to commit to a full cabinetry line in such a dramatic color.



As always I hope today’s post inspires you to do great work.





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