Plywood… never looked so good!

A current design project has me connecting to the plywood medium.

So, why ply?

Let’s take a look.

I think plywood is beautiful. It’s strong and natural, and yet affordable and practical.


I like to try and leave the edges exposed to admire the plywood core.

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A higher quality plywood will show off thick layers of birch wood veneer.


What makes plywood so great is that it is malleable into almost any form and strong enough to serve almost any purpose.

Ideal for interiors or exteriors, commercial or residential… however you apply it, the opportunities of creating dynamic design are endless.



32 31 30 29 28 27

So, what is plywood?

 Simply put, plywood is a pile of very thin slices of wood, stacked up, and glued together to make a thicker piece of wood. Why go through all the trouble? Well, wood is great, but using solid lumber has a couple of drawbacks. First, wood reacts to it’s environment. In humid conditions a piece of lumber will take on the ambient moisture and the wood cells will swell, and the board will get bigger. When the air is dry the wood cells dry out too, and the board shrinks. Most of this movement only occurs in one direction, across the grain. The length of the board remains unchanged, only the width and thickness change significantly. And mostly just the width.The board is also significantly weaker in this direction.

Plywood solves these two problems. 

During the lamination process the layers of wood are aligned at right angles to each other. The direction of the wood grain is rotated 90 degrees to the layers adjacent to it. This criss-cross grain pattern gives plywood dimensional stability and uniform strength in all directions. And it is much stronger than other alternative sheet goods like particle board and fiberboard.

24 23

Adding a stain for contrast, also adds a bold statement.



25 26


Due to it’s strength, plywood can create sleek furnishing style while remaining understated.

20 19


Plywood creates a wonderful opportunity for an affordable DIY headboard.


Patterning can add clever texture and depth to an otherwise flat surface.




A serene appearance is achieved when embracing the natural beauty of the wood grain.


11106Plywood is a clever choice in cabinetry, especially when traditional hardware is not desired. 8

As always I hope that today’s post inspires you all to do great work,





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