Rough Luxe

So what is Rough Luxe? Simply put, it is for those who treasure luxuries but also take pleasure in items that have stood the test of time. It is for people who prefer the beauty of natural imperfection to flawless processed perfection.


It is not to be achieved on purpose, as is the case with artificially distressed furniture or bleached fabrics. The point is to embrace what is already battered, faded or tarnished, and favor it precisely for its timeworn state. The Rough Luxe trend is a new interpretation of luxury as a moment in time and an enriching personal experience, it goes beyond consumption and ownership of expensive objects.


Reclaimed wood beams and hand-scraped hardwood floors are installed  in this hallway. Creating a balance of the old and the new finishing.


Custom wood doors are set into the base cabinets. A beautiful and natural detail that balances the ceiling and ties the warm tones throughout the space.


A reclaimed railroad tie and string bulbs form this dramatic and lovely installation for any living space.


Reclaimed barnwood re-purposed as a vanity in this chic bathroom.


A drift wood chandelier and antique mirror form the simple custom details of this lovely dining space. Proof that every room should contain at least one antique.

A style that was born out of the economic downturn, it encourages authenticity in materials.  In al 2009 trend report, entitled Inspire: Rough Luxe, it was stated that it “celebrates a heavy rawness erring on the artisanal. Because of the downturn, consumers are taking a bit longer to think about a purchase and they want to buy into a story.” Looking back, they seem to have been right. The style gained momentum and still enjoys a substantial popularity… just take a peak at any current Restoration Hardware catalog.

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In addition to factors like recession and along with the backlash against minimalism, Rough Luxe also resonates with a movement towards more personalized interiors. It values objects that tell stories by retaining elements or references to their past. Additionally, it’s preference for natural textures and eco-friendly materials reflects a conscientious use of resources which corresponds with the growing trend for green design.


A fellow designer who is a true artisan of this style is my dear friend Daniel Hale. I was fortunate to assist in coordinate his work with custom contractor Trainor Builders based in  St. Helena CA.

dh1 dh2 dh3 dh4
dh7 dh8 dh9 dh10 dh11Some more eye candy in this style:


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Above all else, I hope that this post inspires you to do great work.



do good work


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