It’s all about that Base… about that Base(board)

Combining my love of interior design with current pop songs makes for one ‘punny’ blog! Taking a cue from Meghan Trainor’s catchy song (that I find myself singing whether I mean to or not) today we are talking all about the base(board).

Baseboard is all about the details of design. Whichever base you choose, it should compliment the overall design aesthetic of the project. This can be an elegant way to stylize a room within the structure of the actual building. There are several facets of design styles; the discussion below highlights a beautiful detail of modern, contemporary and traditional design.

No Base

In the case with the Integrated Reveal Base a cleverly devised system allows the popular revealed-edge base detail to rely on the precision of a continuous, stainless steel channel. A sheet of gypsum wallboard slips into a J-bead that is factory-spot-welded to the channel below. A coat of plaster finishes the surface and hides the hardware, allowing for precise details with minimal handiwork, and a reduced potential for sagging gypsum or uneven reveals.
Baseboard Detail, construction detail, architectural detail
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