Black and Gold Interior Design

In a well designed world we would all be living or working in a finished space that reflects our individuality and personality. This blog is an introduction to my personal design work as well as other top designers and accidental influences that inspire me to create purposeful design.

Let us begin my first blog with a glimpse into a current trend that I am swiftly becoming obsessed with: Black and Gold. Here are some inspired design images as well as some suggestions on how you can create the style on your own.

xoxo Candice

black and gold, paint, door, hardware
Love the juxtaposition of the dark and light tones. The contrast creates depth and interest. Photo Credit:
  • Paint walls black! Yes! Black! It is a bold thought but with the right finishes adds depth, it can be especially rich looking in a lacquered finish or in rooms that have paneling or moldings. I promise to do a later blog on painted black doors… and instant upgrade to any space.
eclectic, bedroom, art, cream and gray, wood chandelier
I am a firm believer that nothing that you purchase should be a matching set. Combining all things that you love will create an eclectic and well balanced space. Photo Credit:
  • Create contrast with gold throw pillows on your darker fabrics, metallic or beaded pillows create an especially glamorous look.
side table , Target, black and gold, paint, DYI
This inexpensive side table from Target has been refinished to create a new shine.
Photo Credit:
  • Use gold spray paint or gold leaf on accent pieces.
art, black and gold, feathers, trend
This great art piece is on trend and beautifully done.
Photo Credit:
  • Use gold in wall art, metallic shimmer will reflect the changing light throughout the day.
lamp, lighting, black and gold, modern, trend, metallic, bedroom
Photo Credit:
  • A clever new trend is to paint the interior of a pendant light. It is a fantastic way to pull the tone around to a new elevation in the room while adding warmth.
bedroom, classic, black and gold, dramatic, chandelier, bedding, cream, black
Photo Credit:
  • Stunning and classic: glass fixtures with gold frames
living room, black and gold, black couch, white walls, gold furniture
Photo Credit:
  • Use a black couch as the focal point of your room. For those who can not fully commit, slip covers are always an option.

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